• Locksmith Marbella

    April 24, 2017 | marbella
  • Locksmith Marbella

    Locksmith Marbella open every day  in order to give the best service.



    Locksmith Marbella 24/7


    Locksmith Marbella specializes in changing locks and installing safes.

    If you are looking for a professional locksmith in Marbella that speaks English, look no further because you have found it here. Another great advantage of our company is that we are located in Marbella, so we can give a fast and top quality service at a reasonable price.

    locksmith marbellaWe service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for personalized attention.

    We open cars and motorcycles of all makes, year and model.

    We have many years of service throughout the area of ​​Marbella and the surrounding area.


    We can go to give free quotes and without any commitment.

    You can also call our permanent phone number and make an appointment for a free evaluation with safety recommendations.


    Do you have problems with your safe?

    We are specialists in the opening and repair of all brands of safes in the European market.

    We serve safes with mechanical opening and safes with electronic opening.

    We also have the appropriate tools to change the combination if you request it.


    Did you leave the keys to your house inside?

    This is solved in seconds and without any breakage or damage. All you have to do is call us right now to solve this problem and get on with your life as you normally do.


    Have you lost the keys to your home and now cannot access it?

    We can open the door of your house in minutes.locksmith marbella fast


    It does not matter what day or time of week you need us. We work 24 hours to give you the best possible service, we arrive where you are shortly after calling us, about 15 minutes.


    All our jobs have an official invoice guarantee.


    Do you want to improve the security of your business?

    We have the safest locks in the Spanish market and at a price that is more than competitive.


    Have you lost the keys to your vehicle?

    We can manufacture a key in a matter of minutes and at a much cheaper price than that of a car dealer.